A fake player card of Corn Sky.

Welcome to the Corn Sky page! This page will give you information about my penguin Corn Sky from the virtual world of Club Penguin.


I first joined Club Penguin on November 12, 2011. One of my family members showed me how to play and I showed him how to play "The World of Cars Online". I started to like Club Penguin right away, then I started to get the hang of it overtime like how to find hidden items in catalogs and how to find pins and stuff like that. My very first party I joined was the "Card Jitsu Party 2011" like about 2 weeks after I joined. My first stamp was the "Underground Stamp". When I created my penguin I couldn't think of a name but then I eventually chose "Corn Sky" as a random name just because I don't know what name I should have. I mostly log in every day because there is nothing else to do. I also try to make my penguin rare and famous. I also have other penguin accounts. I also go on Twitter or Facebook sometimes.

About Me

  • Penguin Name: Corn Sky.
  • Puffle Count: 75.
  • Gender: Male.
  • Observed in the wild: Being random and wants to be famous.
  • First Pin: Blue Fish Pin.
  • Stamps in total: 329.
  • Favorite Hobbies: Walking puffles, playing mini-games, joining Club Penguin parties, and hanging out.
  • Favorite Hobbies in real life: Collecting Air Fresheners.
  • Special Features: Member, Club Penguin app.

(Content credit from Corn Sky Wiki).